Sovereign sELF-Organization

By our definitions we are all in our essence, at our roots Elfen.

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To the Elfen Self-Organization Association, ‘Elfen’ is an all inclusive term , though we do not demand or expect all to resonate with our story, we feel that we are all related and are sourced from one single culture which centers around our connection to nature and each other and our shared role as co-creative stewards of this space station that we have come to know by the name of planet Earth. Through countless generations of being conditioned to forget our most glorious and honoured duty in this place, many are finding each in our own individual ways that there is a deeper calling to life and that it is indeed our responsibility to make space to answer this call and carve out new pathways for life expression in harmony with the planetary ecology.

This is a place where like minds are encouraged to connect and support each other on the path that we walk. Please take a look through our Elfenkin Finder below and browse through our Lore and learn about what it is to be Elfen.

Featured ElfenKin


Elphinstone, BC - Canada

Gaiacraft is a vessel for ecological outreach education. Using new media strategies it is intended to generate awareness and inspire gaialogues about how to have regenerative relationships with ourselves, each other and the living ecologies around us. …

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Senjo Clothing


We are a small design label located in the heart of Europe. Back in 2006, lacking other sources of high quality clothing in our earthy style, we started making our own. Now after celebrating our 6th year birthday, we still continue to reinvent ourselve …

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BC - Canada

A most curious, exciting and expansive collection of elfen media artifacts courtesy of the one and only ElfMaster

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