Elfen Pirate Connections

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pirateArrrrrr, There are many well known tales of thee pirates and their unruly ways and insatiable hunger for gold, but as we well know, history books are written by the victors of wars and often the truth has very little to do with the stories that are carried forward.

The Elfen nation arrrrrrrre not the only grouping of souls who desired to live free without the medlings of the rulers of the dominating cultures. Long ago, in the lands of western Europe, the rulers of the land had taken control of nearly all human settlements and were adamant on taxing and controlling all the goings on in these places. Of course there were some who objected to this, and these people were either jailed or exiled. Given that anywhere on land was controlled by similar tyrants, the only option for a being who truly craved a free way of life was to take to the sea.

One such character was Raelf Red beard. Raelf left regular human society at only 17 years of age and quickly secured a strong crew of capable men and women dedicated to their common cause of finding a fun and fair and free way of life. They were not a particularly enlightened bunch, but they began sailing, and fishing and eating seaweed to secure the nutrients they required to survive. This worked well for a time, but they soon found that being away from the collective consciousness seemed to have quite an effect on the crew. The conditioning and repression that had been engrained in them all since birth living among the human kingdoms was coming undone, and it seemed that the crew was loosing its grip on reality.

Indeed this was the case, as the reality that they had understood to be real no longer applied, their purpose and mission in life must be redefined. Raelf was very concerned for his people. He could see they were degenerating and wanted very badly to help guide them in a good way. He went to his chest where he kept his most precious belongings and opened a bundle of herbs and a small crystal skull which he had been given by his great grandmother who was a mysterious medicine woman. He burned the herbs and he prayed to the skull for guidance as he had learned when he was just a boy. He soon after began to hear very small whispers of voices just beyond his capacity to understand. He listened intently and eventually began to make out the message. During this process had dropped himself into a deep trance and was in direct contact with the Elfen consciousness that had been hidden for eons deep within himself and the collective consciousness of humanity.

The voice did not speak in words, but in feeling, emparting a more full and complete knowledge than any language that we know ever could communicate. It spoke to him of the will of the planet, and the connection of all things, and as he searched deeper within himself and his own feelings as a reflection of the planetary will, he realized how much the planet was in pain because humanity had stolen her precious gold and attached a negative energy to it by using it to control and divide and distract the free people of the Earth from their rightful duties. Raelf saw clearly that it was his mission to return the gold to the Earth and to bury it deep and take whatever measures needed to ensure that it would never again be stolen.

Raelf returned to his people fully inspired by his encounter and shared with them his new vision and purpose and he instructed them in the ways he had used to connect to the planetary consciousness and helped them to likewise feel their connection to it.

The techniques that Raelf used were passed down and spread amongst an entire secret culture throughout the sea at that time. They knew to identify each other by their signature skull flags representing their connection to the elfen consciousness and successfully returned massive amounts of gold to its rightful place.

Due to their almost complete isolation from the rest of humanity, their goals and ways were largely misunderstood and over time spawned several sects of misaligned copycat pirates who are the basis of most pirate stories that you’ll find within human records.

The true pirates of Raelf did not mind this too much, as they were not concerned at all with being recognized for their work, only that it be done. Though the stories have been severely twisted, the spirit of the Pirates of Raelf continues to live deep within the collective human consciousness and wherever the greedy take too much from the Earth, this spirit continues to rise in different ways to return what is rightfully hers to the cosmic planetary booty locker.