Elfen Roots

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elfenrootsYou may wonder what it is we mean when we refer to oursELVES as Elfen. Herein we shall explain where we are coming from on this matter.

First we must explore the word elf and how it applies to who we are. The word comes originally from the Norse word Aelf which has its roots meaning simply “us” or “we, the folk”.   This language has been twisted in funny ways over time, also interpreted as the Wee folk, or little people. Both of these interpretations lend themselves to the fact that us, we, the folk, the natural people of the Earth, have a decidedly different approach to life than that of any of the domineering human nations, particularly that we leave a small footprint, and we do not see oursELVES as being bigger or better than the rest of nature as is the tendency in thee expansionist human cultures.

So when we refer to the Elfen culture, we are referring to an ancient culture that came before the conquerors began to plague our peaceful lands. We refer to a culture that is in line with our most innate wisdom, that we are a part of the harmony that is the natural world and that we are caring and responsible co-creative stewards of this ancient space ship home of ours that we know by the name of planet Earth.

Though eons of repression and conditioning have trained us to forget, there are still those of us who remember our old ways. Our ways are simple and very intuitive. We work with the magic and support that nature offers us, we sustain it as it sustains us, and most importantly, we act from our heart sense and intuitive felt experience rather than acting based on rules or mental constructs. An Elfen is one who is aligned and at peace with their own nature and as above so below to all of nature as an integral part of the ecology they belong to.

An Elfen can appear to be a very odd creature to someone who is deeply entranced by the dominator worldview, but even the most rigid of personalities can with a bit of effort tap into their own Elfen nature and achieve some level of understanding into the Elfen way.