The Seal of the Seven

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7starLong long ago, before before before, we, the small, sensitive stewards of this sacred garden spaceship lived in harmony with ourselves and our ecology. We had no need for records or writing or time(as it is known these days anyways). We related to each other from the heart in the Elfen language which was a language without any fixed words or sounds, simply an articulation of the essence of the moment. There was nothing to fight over, as we were all aligned to the Gaian mind and the will of nature and each other.

One day a disturbance began to immerge. The source was unknown to us, but somehow a grouping of our people fell ill in the strangest of ways. Many of our people began to lose their ability to see their connection to magic and to all life. The idea of being separate from nature began to spread uncontrollably and it soon came about that very few of us in our true Elfen ways remained. Indeed things degenerated so much that our people were hunted and seen as pests.

After some time, there remain only but 7 of the Elfen kin who remained true to their ways. The seven came together and they knew something must be done to preserve their way and their knowledge. They agreed together that they would consciously forget who they were and cast their Elfen essence into story and song so as to be preserved and reawakened when the world once again calls for their presence.

And so, they gathered around a special seal known as the seal of seven, a seven pointed star and through the enactment of a magical ritual, the essence of the elves was hidden deep in the unconscious mind of our people, only to surface through story and song until such a time as the world  would call us again into being once again.

Now consider where we are as a planet now as we have tread so deeply down this path of forgetfulness, perhaps you may feel the call once again that beings just like us are once again needed and of great value in this planetary ecology.