Stinging Nettles

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nettleKnown by science types as Urtica dioica, Stinging Nettles are one of the most highly nutritious and easily accessible plants around. They are ample in the Pacific North West and many other places as well. The plant itself is said to have originated in the Amazon but has since been carried abroad and can be found on nearly every continent.

As the name implies, Stinging Nettle stings when you touch it’s spiny leaves. For this reason many write it off as a pest, but these plants are rich in medicinal and nutritional value as well as having a very positive cleansing effect on the earth that they grow within.

As the Stinging Nettle purifies the ground it grows from, it also offers a purifying effect on the kidneys when ingested. Now you may note that the plant does sting when you touch it, so it is rather favoured to steam the leaves before you attempt eating them. Making tea or herbal infusion(a tea that is steeped over night) from the young buds that grow in the top 3 or so inches of the plant is a great way to absorb plenty of the leaves good energies.

The roots may also be boiled into a tea, they have a different medicinal effect and taste much more earthy. The roots aid with issues concerning the prostate.

Beyond the medicinal values that The Stinging Nettle offers, the stems can be harvested for fiber with which to create clothing and textiles. The tea can be used alternatively as a hair conditioning agent.

Nettles offer us so much, thank you Nettles!