The Djinn Connection

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djinnThee Elfen have been mentioned and observed by many cultures by many names. One of such references come from Islam and pre-Islamic cultures, a group of beings known as the Djinn – the root of the word more commonly known as Genie.

The word Djinn originally means “the hidden ones”. They are described as beings made not of earth and water like humans and other lifeforms, but they are made of a smokeless fire. They do not occupy the same realm as we humans do exactly, they exist on a plane that intersects with ours and so they can have some effect on our realm but yet we cannot see them in the same way we may see other creatures of our realm.

There are said to be a fairly large variety of Djinn, and several classes of them.  For example there are blue Djinn related to the water element, who are very powerful and very large and have great depth, there are green Djinn(or Jann) related to the Element Earth who are often associated with nature spirits, elves and faeries(this is where we will focus our study of the Djinn). Likewise Air and Fire Djinn exist as well but for our purposes we need not go into that at this time.

It is said that Djinn differ from Angels in that they have free will where as Angels are said to be completely aligned to the will of God and may only act in accordance to God’s will. So Djinn being of their own free will can choose to be good or evil. Their lifespan is said to last upwards of 2000 years. They are often for these reasons seen as tricksters, some sects of people particularly in Islam believe that you should never trust one of them no matter what because their perspectives on life differ so much from us short lived human beings. In fact in Islam Djinn are often interchanged with demons, even though some of them do choose to act in quite decidedly good ways.

Djinn being on the level of reality that they occupy are in the special position to have access to the angelic realms as well as our physical realm, and so can be employed by Angels to relay messages to us in our realm and sometimes by certain humans to deliver messages to the angelic realms.

Just like any being, Djinn want to be respected and honoured for what they bring to the table. Many humans have a cloudy idea about this and think they can simply ask for a favour and not expect to give anything back in return. It is in these cases that the Djinn will wreak havoc and show you their trickster nature that has been long associated with them. If however you are fair and respectful, it is possible to create mutually beneficial relationships with these beings.

If you are called to work with these beings it is of utmost importance that you show them respect. They are powerful creatures and if you don’t treat them right, they will most certainly return the favour. In fact if your motives and your heart are not very clear and pure, it’s probably best that you leave them be until you have sorted that out for yoursELF.