We desire to raise the funds to buy this beautiful 102 Acre property and create a functional off the grid eco-village and eco-tourism adventure destination and retreat centre. Beyond Babylon 2017 ~*~


Recently the fabled Brother XII cult headquarters and its lands have come up for sale. This land has a very rich and controversial history. The organization known as the Aquarian foundation started their community in cedar by the sea, south of Nanaimo, then expanded to Gabriola, Ruxton, Valdez and Decourcey Islands. There is alot of mystery that surrounds these times, but as I understand, the original intention was to get back to the land and create a utopian society in harmony with nature. Back in the time of Brother XII these ideas were very off the beaten path of mainstream thought. It has in recent times become much more apparent that we need to take more drastic measures to create new ways to live, and relate to the Earth.

In these times where we are often completely immersed in technology and disconnected from nature, it’s more important than ever that we have a space we can get away to and have a digital detox and reconnect to that which really truly nourishes and sustains us. We wish to hold this space on Decourcey island. A place to be close with the land and each other, to step back and find new ways to function and relate with life. 

What We Need 

  • Buy the 102 Acre Property : cost 2.2 Million
  • Upgrading/Repairing/Rebuilding Structures (cost unknown at this time)
  • Other logistical setup (boat transportation etc…)
  • If goal is not met to the point where we can buy the land and build, the money will go toward the development of community initiatives on Gabriola Island on a smaller scale.

Risks & Challenges

The Brother XII is a quite controversial  and sensitive topic around these islands. There may be some who would be opposed to this place being occupied again by a group with a somewhat similar agenda. 

We do now in this time, have the knowledge of the history of the place to remind us the paths we do not wish to go down. We do not wish to isolate ourselves from the rest of society, but rather create an example of something new. Our project is meant to be inclusive not exclusive and a place where others can learn and come into better versions of their selves!

Part of the project will be to preserve the heritage of this place, and honour and acknowledge the things that happened in the past on Decourcey island in the past so that we may learn from the mistakes that were made in the past. Additionally we want to showcase solutions to the problems from the past such as isolation from mainstream society and abuse of power.

This is a big undertaking but we are confident that with sufficient resources, we have the willingness and the spirit to transform this place into a positive offering to the planet and provide purpose and passion to the community that will steward the land.