Elfen Nation

galacticid-jillelfenflagThee Elfen Nation is a leaderless non-govermental body spun entirely of spirit and magic. It is our role simply to give permission to the people that we serve to be completely and fully who they are. If you would like the Elfen Nation to endorse your existence, please contact us and we will see what we can do for each other.

Elfen Self-Actualization Regiment

An exploration in Elfen time science. Befriend the passage of time and amplify your self awareness by following the Elfen Self-Actualization Regiment

Kin Finder

Check out our directory of creative Elfenfolk. We feature artists & musicians, media publications, communities and collectives, teachers, wholistic health and healing, and any miscellaneous undefinable Elfen activities.

If you feel a resonance and would like to be listed here just contact us and we’d be glad to feature your Elfenself.