Fae Nation

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Fae Nation is a ‘Virtual Portal to Faerie’ – we aim to bring you the very best the World of Faerie has to offer, from art, music, fashion, events – and everything in between!

Originally conceived at the turn of the 21st Century, we were driven by a desire to create a resource which wove together all the different strands that make up the modern Faerie community. There has been a huge resurgence of interest in the Fae and throughout the world more and more people are opening their eyes and hearts to the Faerie Realms. The Internet plays a crucial role in connecting these believers, but while there were many different Faerie websites already existing we felt that no single site covered everything – and so with this in mind we set about creating Fae Nation, and finally launched on May 1st 2006.

We firmly believe in supporting and promoting all talent, whether already established or just starting out. Artists, musicians, costumers, bards, crafts people… everyone is included here. We love Faerie as it looks beyond age, gender, race or religion, and we hope to reflect this in our content. We hope everyone will find something here that tickles their fancy and fires their imagination.

Faerie Wishes,
Tangle Catkin