Lance Elfensmith

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Whatever the medium, the message is the same essentially and that is simply to express the state of the ever evolving consciousness and unfolding awareness of my journey through this realm, and 1 honour this work as my sacred co-captain’s log as I travel aboard this beautiful, complex, ancient, ecological marvel of a spaceship that we’ve been traveling on ALL along.

1 am an elfen, artist, bard, sound healer, dreamer, co-creator currently based on the beautiful and creatively nurturing island of Gabriola Island, BC. This island is a sweet, magickal place for me, in fact you have to catch a faerie in order to reach our home. One of the more notable creatures to me that inhabit this place along with us are the deer, who’s quiet, gentle presence always remind me to be careful – not careful in the way of cautious or afraid as the word can tend to associate with, but rather to be FULl of CARE and love for all that nourishes me, as these creatures so gracefully display this for me each day as 1 wake up watching them grazing on the wild plants in my yard.

In the infinite potential of the silence that this sweet sanctuary allows, the landscape and its creatures begin to tell stories through their being about what this place is and why we are here. Immersed in and inspired by this story is where express my best work through my music or my poetry or the way 1 observe my subjects when 1 create a soul portrait or other art.