The Silver Elves

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The Silver Elves were first awakened and became part of the Elf Queen’s Daughters in 1975. Our sisters (both male and females members were called sisters) of the EQD taught us how to cast an Astrological Chart, do the I Ching and various spells of Enchantment. We formed out on Vortex of the EQD that we called the Elves of the Southern Woodlands in Carbondale, Illinois, soon thereafter and began participating in the publication of the Magical Elf Letters. In 1977 the inner circle of the EQD withdrew into seclusion and ceased publication of the letters. We, however, have remained in contact with most of these sisters to this day. In 1979 we moved to Gainesville, Fl., and changed our name to the Sylvan Elves and began publishing The Magical Elven Love Letters as a continuation of the Dharma we had vowed to undertake, the sharing of the knowledge of the Elven Way. In 1981, we relocated to California and took on the title of the Silver Elves, which has remained our name ever since. In 2008, we relocated to Hawaii where we are currently working on The Magical Elven Love Letters, vol. 3, An Elfin Book of Dreams: An Oracle of Faerie, and The Elven Book of Changes.