Traveling Alchemist Outreach Society

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Magic is real! And it’s a very potent tool for the transformation of our world and ourselves, from the inside out.

Through inter-disciplinary art installations, immersive theatre offerings, ceremony and focused workshops, we offer a doorway into the magical realms to facilitate personal and global transformation, and the deepening of each of our deepest gifts.

Since 2009, we have created a variety of works in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Winter Solstice Lantern Festival, the Illuminares Lantern Festival, Entheos 2011 Festival and Conference, Shambhalla 2010, Towards Eden Festival, not to mention an assortment of private workshops and ceremonies.

We offer:

Sacred Theatre and Interactive Ceremony

Hands on Healing, and Transformational Work

Workshops, Classes and One-on-one Instruction in:

Sacred Geometry



Magical Practice

Energy Healing

and much more…

Please explore, and get in touch with us if anything strikes your fancy!