Zizzy Fay

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Wearable art for unfurling your wings and freeing the the goddess within…
Ethicaly made, petite to plus size, natural fabrics & magical embellishments!

We are a UK business (sending worldwide), but being the free spirited creature I am I love to travel and Zizzyfay gives me the excuse to do this, so my designs are ethically made in India and Bali with the most magical fabrics and attention to detail, these incredible places fuelling my imagination!

I also spend a fair bit of time in Australia and of course England, so some designs are sent from there too. I have been working smoothly this way with my friends sending things to you from accross the globe for over four years, most pieces are made to order and arrive 2-3 weeks from when they are ordered, less time if they are in stock, postage is also subsidised to keep postage costs down for you and been a web shop rather than a physical shop we can keep our prices down without skimping on the awesomeness, so you can get wearable artworks at affordable prices.

I do a few summer festival market stalls throughout the year some in Uk, some in Australia, info on this can be found on facebook or feel free to contact me.

Im online every day ready to answer your queries and help you with anything, ensuring you feel like the goddess you are when you receive your pieces 🙂

…Enjoy, Love