The word Elf comes from the Norse Aelf which at its roots means “us” or “we, the folk”. Once a person is able to see past the conditioning and layers of illusion placed upon us by our toxic dominator culture, we may notice that underneath we are all Elfen. We are all in our true nature, very caring and sensitive and playful and wise. We are all in our true nature, aligned and aware of our connection to magic and all life. Elves and (we/wee) little people are often associated with nature spirits and for this reason, to trace back our Elfen lineage is to trace back thee origins of our most innate true nature as co-creative stewards of this ancient spaceship we know as the Earth.

Our vision and mission here is to empower the Elfen way and to help those who resonate with this way of being to connect with each other and to co-create and further develop and encourage our cultures reintegration into the 3rd dimensional human ecology.

Current phases of our mission:

1) **ACTIVE** Elfen Kin Finder
This is basically a business directory style module for Elfen people. If your activities resonate with the Elfen way, please submit your information to us and we’ll feature you in the Kin Finder so you can be easily found by fellow Elfenkin.

2) ** IN DEVELOPMENT ** Galactic ID
This initiative is in development and aims to supply identification for those who wish to express their Universal Galactic Sovereignty in resonance with thee Elfen way. If you really realyy want one now, please Kinnect with us and we will see what we can arrange.

3) ** IN DEVELOPMENT ** Thee ElfenCast
We are currently looking for any Elfenkin resonators to interview so as to promote and grow Elfen culture through the honouring of our kin’s unique Elfen frequencies and work. Kinnect with us if you’d like yoursELF featured in any sort of way.

4) ** IN DEVELOPMENT ** Elfen Teas
Our first product offering is in development, we will be offering stinging nettle tea and others to come. These teas will be offered in their pure form, so as to most directly connect with the plants metaphysical and spiritual properties.